Immigration Immigration is a mandatory step whatever your project in Argentina. It is sometimes difficult to understand the complexity of this administration. Our specialists enlighten you :


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The DNI ( Documento Nacional de Identidad) is an absolutely essential document to settle in Argentina. You will need it for everything : open a bank account, take out an internet, subscription, take out a telephone line, buy a cinema ticket online … The DNI can be requested from the moment you have the temporary residence.

These are several types of residences in Argentina :

The Precarious :The Argentine State issues a “Precaria” for anyone who wishes to settle in Argentina. La Precaria gives you the right to work ans study for 90 days, renewable until you obtain the residence you requested.

The Transitory : The residence “Transitoria” allows you to have a visa for a specific mission : work visa, research, academic.

The Temporary : The “Temporaria” residence is requested in the event tat you wish to live in Argentina for a limited time, or if you then wish to apply for permanent residence. The duration of a Temporaria is 1, 2 or 3 years with the possibility of extension. The Temporaria residence allows you to enter and leave the country as many times as you want. The following profiles are concerned by the Temporaria : employees of a company in the context of an expatriation, pensioners, retirees and students. The law distinguishes 2 categories : those who belong to Mercosur and the others.

The Permanent : You can apply for “Permanente” Residence if you have Argentinian or foreign family living in Argentina. You can also request it if you have had the “Temporaria” for 3 years. Argentinian residency will allow you to have a permanent Argentinian DNI.

In all cases, these are steps that you can take on your own by going to the Migraciones website.

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