Accommodation search

The search for accommodation is a crucial point in the smooth running of a settlement. It is one of our strengths. Indeed, our knowledge of the market and understanding of needs makes us your perfect allies.

A search is prepared upstream, we take the time to listen to you, compile the information, guide you and advise you.

MABA Relocation always offers ont or more telephone interviews in order to fully understand your needs, budget and criteria. This preparation is key for the research to be successful.

MABA supports throughout the process :

Research : we study the market in order yo find you properties that may correspond to your needs.

Visits : we organize and accompany you to apartment visits.

Negotiation of the lease : absolutely essential if we have to add certain clauses (diplomatic for example).

Legal support : our legal team will proofread and validate each document you sign to ensure contract compliance and peace of mind throughout your stay.

Signing the lease : the moment we’ve all been waiting for! You can Finally put down your suitcases.

We offer 3 packages :

– 5 apartment or house visits.

– 10 apartment or house visits.

– 15 apartment or house visits.

Each package obviously includes all the necessary process and support.
You can accompany the search for accommodation with the steps to obtain the DNI, an essential document yo live in Argentina. Do not hesitate to ask us for a personalized quote.


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